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Shree RamCharitraManas Mahotsav

20-22nd August, 2023, Chitrakoot, Uttarpradesh

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One step, One effort, One initiative

Pagdhara has been established with the aim of promoting India's rich heritage, diverse culture and Indian Sanatan-Vedic tradition and to introduce the new generation to its vast religious tradition and heritage.

In this series of Pagdhara, We identify the important heritage integrity of India.

Looking forward to the glory 
of Shri Ramch Ratmanas and the
birth of Bhuta From 20 to 22 August, Rajapur
Chichkut is organizing a three-day
Shri Ramchar Ratmanas Amrit Mahow
and 2023 in Uttar Pradesh. In which
the screening of preserved sections
of the handwritten manuscript of
Tulsidas Rich Ramcharat Manas and
dance drama staging and other
programs will be organized. Ceremony Through this ceremony, every
person of the country has to be
introduced to the aspects of the
importance of Ramchar Ratmanas.
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